Friday, 19 June 2009

Wake Up Call!

An A1 black and white poster about some sort of issue... or something. This one's about Zimbabwe and all that. How like Mugabe, like said he won the election and stuff, when he like, totally didn't. So yeah.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Bird watch #1

Let me introduce you to a friend I made recently. This is a Gyr Falcon and I was alerted to his presence by 2 magpies. I was in the kitchen at my halls of residence when I heard squawking. Being a twitcher (there's no denying it anymore) I looked out the window to see this magnificent creature being pestered by 2 less than magnificent magpies. It looks like the falcon belongs to someone due to the tags round his feet. He was trying very hard to get them off but they weren't budging. He seemed a bit bothered by the sound of my camera as he kept looking up to see where it was coming from. I'm pretty certain he knew exactly where I was. Anyway, he flew off after a while with the tags still attached.

Ink bleeds

These are some tests for a project we did before easter. I bundled lots of strips of paper together and dipped them in ink over night. They produced some really nice results. I was trying to evoke a sinister aroma which I think worked pretty well in the end.


An A2 poster inspired by the quote "From a tiny spark, bursts a mighty flame". The photograph is my own and was taken from underneath Brighton pier at sunset. I had to leave pretty quickly though cause there were a few odd characters around. These are the hazards of hanging around under piers.